Dr Hubert van Doorn

20 March 2017

A message from Dr van Doorn to all his EBMC Patients:

Dear Patients,

As you are probably aware I am ceasing practice at
East Brunswick Medical Centre in late April. I have already commenced work in a senior medical teaching role in the Northern Territory and will move to this role full-time.

After 25yrs at this practice I have valued relationships with very many patients and I regret that there is not enough time to see everyone individually. I have no more availability for appointments.

Please accept my sincere thanks for having me as your doctor and I wish you well with your ongoing medical care.

You may choose to continue with one of my East Brunswick colleagues – please allow them time to become familiar with your history. I recommend you make a double appointment with them for this purpose.

If you prefer to continue your care with a doctor in another practice, please ask them to make a formal request to East Brunswick Medical Centre for your history to be transferred.

I will provide this information as soon as reasonably possible – a matter of a few weeks in most cases.

Best wishes

Dr Hubert van Doorn